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Kristi O's Sketches

A collection of badly scanned pages from my sketchbook, filled with ramblings about the aformentioned badly scanned pages from my sketchbook. Intended as a daily blog, probably won't turn out that way.

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If you haven’t noticed by now, somewhere around this point I started to forget to number my drawings, and since these drawings were done a few months ago I can’t quite remember the order. I believe the box-man drawings were all done first, from the top of the page to the bottom, with the ninja drawings done last.

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This page seems a little sparse, so I’ll post another page after this one. This page obviously carries on what I was doing in my last page with Mr. Box man, trying out some poses and trying to understand the underlying structure of the body.

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So after my scanner decided to work again, and after I stopped being lazy after Christmas, I scanned and wrote up the post for this sketchbook page only to have tumblr absorb it into its abyss. I’ll try and remember what I wrote though and quickly jot it down.

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