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This is the last page of my sketchbook that I started way back in October of 2011. Doesn’t seem like there was a whole lot in that one sketchbook, but I skipped over quite a few pages, not really thinking they were particularily notable to be put up on my tumblr.

Anyways, onto today’s subject, ignoring the attempt at figuring out a seated pose, the Old Soldier.

The Old Soldier is a character design I came up with in my last year at the University of Lethbridge. It was for an advanced studio project in which I came up with character designs based on the Brothers Grimm story ‘The Twelve Dancing Princesses’. The reason why I chose that story was because I wanted to experiment in having to design for 12 characters, all related to one another. Thus while I wanted to make sure they were all unique in appearance, they still had to retain somewhat of a family resemblance.

The Old Soldier is the hero of the story. He comes to the castle prepared to solve the mystery of why the Princesses’ shoes keep wearing out over night. A retired vet, he thinks babysitting a bunch of princesses will be a breeze, despite his injured leg impeding his step. However he immediately begins to suspect something is not quite right with the Princesses, and soon winds up over his head when the Princesses true nature is revealed.

I quite like my design for the Old Soldier, though I think my designs for the Princesses could use some work. I was having fun here drawing the Old Soldier, trying to properly display him supporting himself with his good leg. I think that his bum leg, stabilised with a block of wood, would give him a unique walk that would be fun in animation, while making him more vulnerable to the Twelve Princesses because of his strained mobility. 

I’d like to do more revisiting with this character, I’ll have to add him to my list of a huge number of characters I’m intent on redrawing.  

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