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If you haven’t noticed by now, somewhere around this point I started to forget to number my drawings, and since these drawings were done a few months ago I can’t quite remember the order. I believe the box-man drawings were all done first, from the top of the page to the bottom, with the ninja drawings done last.

Also, hi Stefanie, if you’re actually reading this. You can see in the left hand corner a little doodle of Young Prince Wally. I can’t quite remember if I’ve posted a previous picture of him as a tween, or if I’ve only posted a drawing of him as an adult. Either way, it’s sort of funny to see him without his hair, usually I can’t resist drawing it.

The box-man drawing were myself trying to play with poses more, simply trying to get better at drawing action poses, and poses that feature perspective in the limbs.

Probably the most interesting drawing on this page is the one ninja one in the middle righthand side of the page. This was an idea for a character I doodled a while ago. It was right after my drawing class watched The Great Mouse Detective and my drawing teacher pointed out how Ratigan was designed so that, while he is wearing a black suit, he has white trim around his head which acts as as way to highlight his face.

That caught my attention as a really great way to direct attention in a drawing, and somehow this developed into the ninja character, the key element being that in his arms he carries a small baby, clothed in white.

The idea behind the character is that he is a thief who breaks into the manor of a noble simply wishing to make off with some food and money. However upon breaking into the bedroom he finds the lady of the house near death, with the assassins pounding on the door hoping to finish the job. As she is dying, she hands the thief her son, who then makes his escape with the assassins on his tail. At first the thief simply wishes to be rid of the baby, but his conscience can not bring him to leave him behind, especially knowing that doing so would leave the baby to the mercy of the assassins.

I kind of imagined the ninja done in the same vein of Samurai Jack, a lack of outlines necessitating that shape and colour are the focus. Looking at it now, I actually quite like the pose on this page, maybe I’ll try and tidy it up a bit.

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