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Anyways, continuing from the previous page, this character is me revisiting an old design I did for Stephen Silver’s Character Design Course on Schoolism.

I kind of don’t like to admit that I took Stephen’s course, purely because I’m sort of ashamed of my performance in it. Aside from somewhat mangling the final assignment) bad timing meant that I took it during what turned out to be my busiest time in University, and when it came down to spending time on an assignment that counted towards my GPA and Stephen’s course, I unfortunantly couldn’t justify putting off my University work to spend as much time on his assignments as I would have liked.

That’s no excuse of course, I’m sure there were people who were just as if not more busy than me who have also taken the course. In the end the only thing that matters is that I was unsatisfied with my performance in the class, and this page of sketches (As well as the previous page) are me trying to play around with the character I came up with during that class.

I can’t recall the name of the Salesman character off the top of my head, but Stephen’s assignment was to interpret a set of criteria that he set for (Sunburned, Missing one finger, pocket watch, etc) and pull it together in a cohesive character.

I wanted to try and play around with contour continuation and how to direct the attention of the viewer to parts of the picture. Thus my attempts to try and place the key, which the salesman is sometimes drawn with, in the crook of space between his arm and body, etc. I also tried to figure out a better way to stage the scene, experimenting with the posture of the salesman as well as trying to add props, such as the car to the scene which he can interact with. 

I’d still like to revisit him one day, if anything to placate myself and try and alieviate some of the regret I feel for doing poorly in the class. If anything, if Stephen decides to create a second level of his course, I’ll be one of the first in line.

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